Golden Ride 3 1/2 hour Safari


The 3 1/2 hour safari allows you to experience more of off-road riding.

*All Excursions are subject to total of participants and weather conditions.

You can choose quad bikes, buggies or Enduro bikes.


3 ½  Hour Safari

Shipwreck – Sea Caves – St George's – Lara Bay / Turtle Bay – Refreshments – Drive Back

Shipwreck EDRO III

The Sierra Leone-flagged EDRO III crashed in 2011, during a storm. It was going to Rhodes with a cargo of plasterboard. At the time of the accident, the ship had nine crew members. All were rescued and airlifted to safety.

Sea Caves

The area boasts caves, as well as spectacular rock formations, which have taken thousands of years to form. Earlier, when the human presence was less prominent, there were seals (Monachus monachus) inhabiting the caves, which added to the popularity of the area among the sightseers.

St George (Agios Georgios)

St George is the saint, the dragon-slayer in Cyprus, and you have a modern (just over 100 years old) church devoted to him here. There's also a chapel (late 13th or early 14th century) to be seen, and catacombs relating to the same time-frame.

Off of the coast lies Yeronisos Island (Holy Island) that was part of the mainland at some point. There was a potent earthquake that made it into an island around 345AD.

Lara Bay / Turtle Bay

Akamas is the last large unspoiled coastal area remaining in Cyprus and one of the very few important sea turtle nesting grounds in the Mediterranean. Both, Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta-caretta) and the rarer Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) nest in Turtle Bay. Both species are protected.

From end of May to September, you can see the nests that are protected by special baskets. The best time to see the babies is August and September!

We explain more about the turtles while we are here. You can also enjoy a swim!

If you can send us an email at with the details of your accommodation so that we may advise you of the pick up point & time.

Golden Ride 3 1/2 hour Safari

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